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$ 64.95
This product is a superior training tool designed to help athletes kinesthetically feel the proper Dorsi Flexed foot position. Most athletes have difficulty in exercising the correct recovery and recruitment of the neuromuscular mechanisms for cycling the foot over the knee in a biomechanically correct manner. The DFLEX quickly and...
$ 69.95
The Most Important Speed Development Tool in the World! When athletes and coaches ask us "Where do I start?", our answer is always the same: "Start with the Quickfoot Ladder". This item is so versatile that its uses are virtually boundless and can be utilized for the duration of any...
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$ 84.95
Each individual position requires unique movements. If everyone moves differently, then it would make no sense to train everyone the same, right? The Viper is the item that solves this problem. Viper training allows you to resist and assist the specific motions needed to succeed at a given position. The...
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There are about a dozen one-on-one drills involving Break-Away Belts that are simply awesome at training change of direction speed. Because these games pit athletes against one another, workouts become far more intense, productive and fun through competition. Over the past few years, Break-Away belts have become a favorite of...
$ 59.95
Contrast training is a key element in speed development. This technique simply involves having an athlete perform basic movements while quickly switching back and forth between resisted and free motions. Alpha Dog Sports Buckshot Belt is designed to resist an athlete through any movement, and then be quickly removed to...
$ 49.95
When training the first 5-10 yards of a sprint, heavy resistance training is the way to go. This can be accomplished by having one athlete manually resist another athlete, or by pulling an object like a sled or tire. The Sprint Resistor is designed to be used in either situation....
$ 89.95
The Rocket Rope is Alpha Dog Sports' premier overspeed training device and should be chosen when training 3 or more athletes. Through its unique pulley system, it conditions athletes' neuromuscular systems by forcing them to sprint 5-10% faster than normal. Produce overspeed sprints up to 40 yards Use short bursts...
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$ 109.95
There are times that you need overspeed training, but don't have enough athletes to operate a Rocket Rope. In such cases, the Speed Builder is the perfect choice. The Speed Builder can be used by two athletes to perform tow sprints, or can be secured to a goalpost for solo...
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$ 69.95
90% of your ladder training should take place on the standard Quickfoot Ladder, but the other 10% should take place on the Shatter Ladder. The Shatter Ladder is designed to force athletes to cover larger distances and to implement more elements of change of direction. 5 ladder pieces (2,3,4,5,6 holes)...
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$ 114.95
VersaFit Log - This versatile training tool is great for indoor or outdoor use, functional and rotational movements, Olympic Lifts, or plyometrics. 10-50lbs
$ 31.95
No bounce, no roll, no busting at the seams with our Mega Slam Ball! Textured surface to keep a grip when slamming and throwing during your extreme workouts
$ 178.95
Power Systems Brand. * Stores up to 8 Dynamax Medicine Balls. This rack is the perfect solution to get your over sized medicine balls off of the floor. This attractive rack holds 8 Dynamax medicine balls in a safe and secure manner. The space saving design allows users to retrieve...
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$ 26.95
Get battle ropes off the floor as you train more members at one time with a fixed point Rope Anchor. Multi-use for suspension training, tubing, or ropes.
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$ 34.95
Keep your gym trip free, hang your battle ropes on a Rope Hanger. This heavy duty hanger holds up to 50' of rope. 10.5"T x 2.5"W x 14"D. Black. 2 lbs.
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$ 149.95
Add variety to your workout with a Resistance Training Station. Change the angle of your strength and power movements on any of the 12 connection points.
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$ 115.95
The Hydropower Bag can take your strength gains to a whole new level. Easily change stability level and resistance of your activity by adding or removing water.
$ 129.95
Great for partner or individual core work or atlas stone style exercises and many other functional exercises. The Hydropower Ball can take your strength gains to a whole new level.
$ 172.95
Go to battle with a 2" diameter Power Training Rope! Choose a 30, 40, or 50' length rope. Increase your grip and core strength and improve your endurance.
$ 121.95
Go to battle with a Power Training Rope! Choose a 30, 40, or 50' length rope. See increases in your core to extremity strength and increase your endurance.
$ 19.95
Inexpensive without being cheap! Basic Power Medicine Balls come in 11 color coded weights/sizes, are durable and have a textured surface for great grip.
$ 59.95
Run, jump, and train with a secure and snug fit Infinity Vest. With music player pocket and weight distributed throughout this comfortable vest has it all!
$ 26.95
Improve your functional physical fitness using a Non-Bounce Medicine Balls during wall balls and wood choppers. Firm texture for better grip and color coded.
$ 126.95
Organize and store any size Soft Touch Med Ball on these compact racks.
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$ 667.95
Store up to ten medicine balls on a vertical Double Med-Ball Tree. Has rubber feet to protect flooring and provide stability. Choose black or gray color.
$ 1,264.95
Store up to 20 medicine balls on a Premium Med Ball Tree! Sturdy, metal rack in black or gray color is portable on casters for convenience between classes.
$ 1,495.95
Train your athletes on Plyo-Safe G2 Plyo Blocks! With a wider landing surface, 100% foam core, and Velcro to prevent slips these boxes will not break down.
$ 379.95
NEW SIZE! Save time and space without sacrificing quality. These plyometric boxes adjust in 2" increments and have nonslip landing surfaces to accommodate athletes of all sizes and abilities. The 42" box adjusts from 26" to 42" and has a 30" x 27" landing area. The 30" box adjusts from...
$ 30.95
Push, pull, agility,strength and speed train with a Monster Sled! Red, welded steel that holds up to 540 lbs, this power sled works on almost any surface.
$ 179.95
Improve strength, stamina, speed, and acceleration using the Power Sled! This heavy duty, steel welded sled is great for team practices and group training.
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$ 38.95
Power Harness resistance training device.
$ 106.95
Athletes, train to win with our stacking, steel framed, nonslip plywood top Power-Plyo Boxes. Run drills inside or outdoors with these red and black boxes.
$ 69.95
Economy Power Jumper w/ Standard Belt. Improved! Explosive training anywhere. Adds approximately 32 lbs. or resistance at 100% elongation. User friendly design and portability make it ideal for training athletes in role-specific situations.
$ 149.95
Don't fear eating the box, get Premium Power-Plyo Boxes. Perfect for all athletes with a rounded perimeter on our extra thick, square landing surface.
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$ 379.95
Adjustable Lateral Plyo Box from Power Systems, Inc. Keep your opponent off balance. Highly durable platform trains explosive lateral movements for strong and quick direction changes. Quickly adjust sides of platform to 25", 35", or 45" to target all muscles of the ankle, leg, and hip.
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$ 35.95
Power Builder Plyometric Training.
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$ 87.95
Power Builder Plyometric Training from Power Systems, Inc.
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$ 199.95
Perform plyometrics exercises with an Adjustable Step-Up Box! Easy to increase from 14" to 20" height. Large, non skid landing surface for safer box jumps.
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$ 39.95
Keep plyometrics training safe with Power Hurdles that collapse when hit. Height varies from 6" to coach new hurdlers to 42" for advanced track athletes.
$ 159.95
Jump over or shuffle under Plyo Hurdles during team drills. Adjust from 12" to 40" to train your athletes for better agility, speed and power. Carry bag included.
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$ 89.95
Improve vertical, lateral agility and reaction time with Pro Power Jumper! Drill for quicker hips, stronger legs and fast twitch muscles. Indoor use only.
$ 44.95
Similar to the game of leap frog, the lead runner and trailing runner take turns providing assistance and resistance. Ideal for resistance running, overspeed training, and sport-specific plyometric training. 48" Slastix tubing (12' maximum stretch) with 2-swivel belts.
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$ 149.95
Converts Power Sled into drive sled! Insert the handle into the sled and go. No bolts needed! Handle fits snugly into sled, positioning the hands 35" to 37" from the ground and putting the athlete in the ideal drive position. Or, when the athlete is pulling a heavy sled load,...
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$ 179.95
Pull or push to improve strength, stamina, speed, and acceleration using the Power Sled w/ Shoulder Strap and Leads. Dual leads for stability during drills.
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$ 46.95
Swing, chop and move through all planes of motion to develop rotational strength with a Power Rope Ball. A must have functional training tool for athletes.
$ 13.95
Soft Touch Med Balls are sure to fire up your powerhouse in Pilates class. Ball fits in palm of hand as you find a full ROM during core or rehab exercises.


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